Israel has bombarded the southeast of Gaza, killing more than a dozen people and forcing residents to flee, as the death toll since the fighting began in Gaza rose to to 693 and diplomats tried to find a solution to the conflict. Moreover, there were more than 4,000 people wounded. The number of Israelis who have died is 31 – 29 soldiers and two civilians.

Meanwhile, Gaza’s hospitals find themselves unprepared for the increase in casualties due to a shortage of supplies.

The Israeli military establishment and to a lesser degree the Hamas military wing have their own reasons to ramp up the conflict and test their latest military equipment. The war on Gaza is an unnecessary war. The calm from the previous cease-fire was holding until Netanyahu and company decided to piggyback on a heinous crime against three Israeli settlers. Their aim is to accomplish far-reaching political goals that include crushing a legitimate political movement.



However, the attack began despite the fact that it has been proven that the three Israeli ‘boys’ were not killed by Hamas. Thus saying that they’re fighting against Hamas is a false excuse which has been used since the beginning of the conflict. But before believing such claims, one has to keep in mind that the Zionist attacks on the Palestinian civilians have been occurring long before the establishment of Hamas.

In addition to this, it has been reported that Egypt-Hamas ties are at a “low point,” and there is little sign that Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi is likely to mediate an end to the conflict, as then-Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi did in November 2012.

Despite the powerful attack on Gaza, due to Hamas’ extensive tunnel network, a ground operation in Gaza would prove very difficult for Israeli forces. “The dozens of tunnels in Gaza are among the challenges the Israeli army might face should it invade. According to the Hamas field commander, ‘These tunnels, dug under every street and alley in Gaza, constitute a strength to be exploited by the brigades to exacerbate the Israeli military’s confusion and create security concerns that the army will be unable to deal with.'”



In this new attack on Gaza, the most hit places were schools, hospitals and mosques places where Hamas members would definitely not be hiding. This is an obvious proof that this is not self-defence but an attack on the civilian population and in the aftermath of the events, the whole world got up and started protesting in solidarity with Palestine.

Valerie Amos, the UN’s top humanitarian official, has described Israel’s deadly attack on a United Nations school in northern Gaza on Thursday as “appalling” and warned that conditions for civilians taking shelter at UN facilities were quickly deteriorating amid shortages of food and water.


Other officials have spoken against Israeli actions too, but as the UN met to vote on a resolution, while most countries voted for its passage, the US blocked it by voting against.



What does this mean? What’s gonna happen next?


All we do can do is just wait patiently.

But while doing so, we could take our time to pray for those children who are killed with cold blood.




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