The Middle East Weekly Review: The crisis in the Palestinian Territories and Israel

The crisis between the Palestinians and Israelis continues as in the past days there have been deaths on both sides.

Although Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has sought to restrain his more hard-line Cabinet ministers advocating a wide-scale military operation against Hamas, he also considers the latest crisis over the murder of three Israeli youths an opportunity to break the Palestinian unity agreement.


The reconciliation between Hamas and Fatah provided him with international justification and a great pretext to freeze the diplomatic talks until further notice. If the reconciliation is indeed annulled, the international community will renew its call for the resumption of the negotiations, thereby renewing the pressure.

According to some, this and the reprisal murder of Mohammed Hussein Abu Khdeir, 16, must be understood in the context of Israel’s policies in East Jerusalem.


His body was found in the Jerusalem Forest Wednesday morning and police suspect he may have been kidnapped from East Jerusalem overnight and killed in a revenge attack for the killing of three Israeli teens.

Dozens of Arabs massed on the light rail tracks in the neighborhood of Shuafat and clashed with Israeli security forces early Wednesday when reports of the boy’s death broke.

The body, which was charred and bore signs of violence, was found an hour after police were informed of a youth from Shuafat being forcefully loaded into a car.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu condemned the “despicable murder” of the Palestinian teenager and “asked the investigating authorities to work as quickly as possible” to find out who was behind it and what their motivation was, a statement from his office said. The prime minister urged all sides not to take the law into their own hands, the statement said.


The crisis should be a wake-up call for a real diplomatic solution that addresses the Israel occupation of Palestinian territories, the core of extremism and violence.


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