Iraq is currently facing an international conspiracy devised by certain regional countries and extremist Takfiri groups, an Iraqi scholar said.

Abdel Amir Kazem Zahid, dean of Kufa College of Islamic sciences, said those behind this conspiracy seek to exploit the diversity of sects and the social context of Iraq to provoke sectarian tensions.

Ayatollah Sistani on Friday issued a Fatwa (religious decree) calling on Iraqis to fight the Takfiri terrorists in the country. The Fatwa came as Iraqi army and security forces continue their battle against ISIL terrorists.
The ISIL is an Al-Qaeda offshoot that is also active across the border in neighboring Syria.

The bloodthirsty Islamist group hellbent on overthrowing the Iraqi government claims to have massacred 1,700 soldiers and posted a series of gory pictures of executed captives that kicked off a chain reaction of fear from Baghdad to the Beltway.

And in further evidence of the deteriorating security situation in Iraq, terrorists killed more than 20 people with four bombs on Sunday in Baghdad, and the State Department moved to protect the U.S. Embassy and its employees.

The extent of the insurgents’ vengeance was revealed in the horrific images posted on jihadist Internet forums Saturday that depicted large groups of bloodied captives lying in what appear to be mass graves as masked militants stand with guns nearby.


In one picture, nearly 30 terrified captives are piled on the bed of a truck, heads down.

President Obama has said he will not send ground forces back to the country that American troops formally left in 2011, despite reported requests for military assistance from Maliki.

But Obama has yet to rule out other options for military involvement that could include air strikes or drones.


However, despite the hesitation from the Western powers, Iraqi men from all walks of life have been flocking to recruitment centers to join the army in its fight against the ISIL extremists.


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