September 2015 Essays Contest: Monica Tudorache – "Margaret Thatcher – Politics Can Create Heroes"

We all like to believe. To hope. To dream that one day, we will live in a perfect world. We dream that this world, in which we are living now, whose tragedies we witness everyday, will not always be full of hatred and conflicts. We hope for a change, but it is not very often that we realise the fact that the only people who are capable of making a change are those who believe in it. Therefore, everything starts and ends with ourselves, with our dreams and our power of turning them into reality.

I have always believed that if a voice is strong enough, it will be heard by the whole world eventually. That is why I like Margaret Thatcher so much. In the 20th century, a century in which tragedy reigned, and violent crimes were committed by the greatest leaders, she believed in free competition and in reducing the government’s power, also being the person who succeeded in changing the British society radically.

Firstly, she believed that liberty is fundamental and perhaps that is the most important concept a leader should believe in. She thought that in order to win a battle, you have to fight it more than once. Thatcher has once said: „I am in politics because of the conflict between good and evil, and I believe that good will triumph”. I think of her as a hero because she was passionate, above all, and she dedicated herself to the things in which she truly believed.

Secondly, I find it impressive that she was the first female prime minister of Britain, in a time in which the political scene belonged to men. Margaret Thatcher was definitely a controversial figure of the conservative ideology during her time in the office, as she battled the country’s recession by initially raising interest rates to control inflation. The prime minister was also known for her destruction of Britain’s traditional industries through her attacks on labour organisations, such as the miner’s union, and for the successive privatization of social housing and public transport.

A successful military decision was made in April 1982, when Argentine invaded the Falkland Islands. Thatcher sent British troops to the territory to retake  the islands, proving once again that she is more than capable to do her job, despite some of the public opinion. As a consequence to the decision she made, Argentine surrendered in June 1982.

After surviving a bomb attack in 1984, she returned for a third term but lost a lot of support due to her efforts to implement a fixed rate local tax.

In conclusion, I strongly believe that Margaret Thatcher is a legendary political personality, because she never recognised the meaning of the word „defeat”, because she did not stop fighting for her ideals and because she was not afraid to make the changes which motivated her to follow her path. As I see it, in order to be a great political leader, one should always bring harmony where there is discord, bring truth where there is error, bring faith where there is doubt and bring hope where there is despair, which is what Margaret Thatcher did.


[Written by Monica Tudorache]



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