Remember The SPE Nation? It just got better!

Since our establishment in December 2012, we kept on moving forward. The First SPE Nation/The English Circle was all about gathering the students of the English section and organizing events. A year later, the new SPE Nation Club has expanded its horizons and decided to also provide the students of the English section a website to write articles on. But it just wasn’t enough: we tackled the issue of integrating the foreign students into our community through a group of student helpers – and if we were to collect testimonials, they would definitely be great.

At the time, we were proud to present a triangular structure of departments and build a tighter community of English-speaking students. And rightfully so, the report we submitted to the Faculty’s Board last week has featured 12 different instances when we simply delivered: an Erasmus gathering, 8 movie screenings, 2 major roles within the Faculty’s Festival of Political Science, and the biggest conference our Faculty has had in recent years – where we volunteered in large numbers.

Haven’t been around during the next year? It’s alright, we have it all documented here:

SPE Nation

The Logo of The SPE Nation Club, as designed by Corina Ioana (SPR I)


But things have changed for the better. With the addition of the B.A. programme in International Relations and European Studies, our community is bigger (and so will be our Council of Managers). And our fixation with triangles and pyramids has grown out of proportions:After the triangle of departments (Events, Website/Magazine, and Student Helpers), now we have yet another triangle – the triangle of English sections. The SPE Nation does not make much sense in an environment where there are two other programmes that are taught in English. That is why we needed a new name and a new strategy, so that our small union can happen.


The result? We are thrilled to present to you The Political Science Club!

The Political Science Club

The Political Science Club is the place to be for every English-speaking student of our faculty! That’s right, every student of The Faculty of Political Science, University of Bucharest, can participate the events, write articles on the website, and support the foreigners. No membership is required, we will never ask for your personal data, you will never be charged any money for anything that we do or organize (unless, of course, you press the “Donate” button on the top-right corner of the screen and support us), and we will never compliment your shoes just to gain an extra coolness factor (well, unless they are extremely good-looking and we can’t help it).

However, the management and supervision will be provided by the Council of Managers, which can only consist of students of the English Sections (SPE+RISE+MCP). Feeling confused? Here is some information to help you understand who we are and what we do:

1. Our Mission:

2. Our Charter:

3. Our Current Managers:

4. Our Facebook Page:

5. A diagram that might make things clearer (Click on it for a full-size view):







Stay tuned! More surprizes are on the way!



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