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The following paragraphs are hand-picked extracts from The Charter of The Political Science Club that will provide a better and faster understanding of our activity and mission.


Art. 1

(1) The Political Science Club was established with the purpose of creating a common ground of free association, involvement, and deliberation for the students of the English sections of the Faculty of Political Science, University of Bucharest.

(2) From this point on, “The English Sections” shall refer to the Bachelor of Arts (Political Science in English – SPE, and International Relations and European Studies – RISE) and the Master of Arts (Comparative Politics – MCP) sections of the Faculty of Political Science, University of Bucharest, that are taught in English.[1]


Art. 2

The Political Science Club is a politically independent, non-profit organization that functions according to the national and institutional rules, laws, and norms.


Art. 3

The legitimacy of the Club’s existence is given by the decision made by the Faculty of Political Science’s Council on December 12th 2012, according to which the organization functions under the supervision and in collaboration with the Faculty’s Dean and Council and the collaborating professors. The Political Science Club shall not attempt to obtain legal independence (thus will never become an independent association or NGO) and will remain affiliated to the Faculty of Political Science, University of Bucharest.


Art. 4

All the students who are enlisted at the Faculty of Political Science, University of Bucharest have the right to attend the events of The Political Science Club. However, the club is to be run and managed by the Council of Managers and The President who can only be elected from amongst the students of the English sections, as the current Charter stipulates.


Art. 5

The Political Science Club can collaborate with both professors of the Faculty of Political Science, University of Bucharest and external partners, in order to organize events that enrich the academic and cultural experience of both the organizers and the participants, write articles on the Club’s Website or printed magazine, and also support the foreign students of the community.


Art. 28

The purpose of the Council of Managers is that of keeping the activity of the Club in good order and fulfilling its 3 goals:


  • Organizing events that are held in English for the students of the Faculty of Political Science, University of Bucharest. Collaborations can be made with students, professors of the faculty, external collaborators, relevant institutions from the Anglo-Saxon world (other universities, embassies, consulates, similar student organizations that might be interested in exchange experiences, trans-national corporations). These events should enrich both the academic experience and also the knowledge of political science-relevant matters of the participants.[1]


  • Writing articles that are relevant for the field of political science on the official website, moderating other students’ contributions, while also trying to raise funds to publish a paper-format magazine that features some of the best written pieces. The goal is to create an environment where students are encouraged to write about their domain of interest, but they also receive reviews that can either praise the work or provide constructive criticism. On the long run, all the contributors should develop their skills in order to write objective descriptive, narrative, and/or introspective pieces that are filtered through a strong backbone of critical thinking.


Also, another goal is that of presenting to the world a website that features content that highlights both the student-written articles and              announcements/information about the latest events and activities of The Political Science Club, so that the Faculty of Political Science of the University of Bucharest gains recognition and prestige.


  • Helping and supporting both the permanent and the exchange foreign students through a system of Student Helpers. This way, the non-Romanian colleagues will integrate into the community a lot faster and shall take less time to adapt to the academic environment of the Faculty of Political Science of the University of Bucharest. The purpose is that of creating an environment for social and cultural exchanges, through which different insights can be offered and received.





[1] The abbreviations were written in the form that they can be found on the Website of the Faculty of Political Science, to avoid confusions and associations with other programmes or entities.

[2] Activities can include conferences, workshops, trips and visits, movie screenings, debates and discussions, artistic events, sport events, exchange experiences, etc.

[3] Events and conferences will be organized according to the provisions of the Organizational and Functional Set of Rules of the Faculty of Political Science, Annex no. 5, Article A 5.1.13, Pages 40-41, Available at: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0Jh8cJsNi5STW5CUHdhZmRyOWc/edit?usp=sharing

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