The Movie Night – “The Revenant”, March 21st 2016

On March 21st 2016, The Political Science Club resumes its cultural activities with a new movie projection. This time, we will watch the multiple award-winning motion picture “The Revenant” and try to identify the Rousseaunian dimension of the state of nature: How do individuals act and behave when they are outside the oversight of a legitimate authority and what are the consequences of the temporary disappearance of the metaphysical chains?


Join us in Angelescu Hall (Negru Voda St.), starting from 5:30 PM.


The entrance is free and we will provide free popcorn to all the participants!



Disclaimer: The Political Science Club does not own any of the materials projected, as they belong to the respective owners. The movies are shown in accordance to Law no. 8 of March 14th 1996 regarding copyright ( Chapter VI, Article 33 i) states that “The presentation and execution of a copyrighted material is permitted during activities of education institutions, only for specific purposes and on condition that the presentation or execution, as well as the access of the public, are free of charge”.

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