Drugs, Sex, and Politics – Vol. 3: Prostitution Laws and Policies

Sala B/Ghiță Ionescu (8, Spiru Haret), December 3rd, 12:00


The Political Science Club (formerly known as The SPE Nation Club) continues its series of events with a new concept: “Drugs, Sex, and Politics”. Inspired from the cliché idiom that designates the decadent and dionysiac lifestyle and bringing to the attention political events and phenomena, the series is intended to showcase the darker side of politics and policies.

“Thou shalt not commit adultery”
, says the Seventh Commandment from the two stone tablets that Moses brought down from Mount Sinai. However, “the world’s oldest profession” had been around for the longest time, and laws – be them Commandments from the deity or policies of the ruling government – had never put an end to such immoral and/or illegal actions. Whilst certain cultures have embraced the practice of engaging in sexual relations in exchange for money or other benefits by enacting laws that protect all the parties involved, there is a larger number of states that reject and punish any such acts.
Prostitution Poster

On December 3rd, we will watch documentaries and reports that are relevant for the topic and debate on the two perspectives: prohibition and decriminalization/regulation. We will take a look at the states where prostitution is a legal in a more or less regulated environment, then compare the two points of view. In the end, we will try to answer the question: “Should governments intervene in order to protect the institution of marriage and the morality of their citizens, or should every individual be allowed to engage into sexual relations with another person who is free to use his or her body in any desired way?”.

Join us for another debate on a rather taboo and controversial topic!

The estimated length of the event is 2 hours, but it may vary according to the discussions.

The Political Science Club, an initiative of the FSPUB students from the English language study programmes. All students are welcomed at the Club’s public events

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