The SPE Nation at the Education Fair of The University of Bucharest – April 10th & 11th 2014

The main purposes of the SPE Nation include creating a tighter English-speaking community inside the Faculty of Political Science, helping the students learn about and/or inherit some of the cultural values of the Anglo-Saxon world, providing an online environment that is suited to help the students practice their writing and publish their best works, and last but not least, lending a hand to the foreign students who need guidance with their studies and life in Bucharest.


However, our organization would never miss the opportunity to promote the programmes of our faculty to the soon-to-be high school graduates. That is why during the last two days we decided to give up on a few hours of our spare time and volunteer for the Faculty of Political Science of the University of Bucharest. Why did we do it? First of all, we love and feel grateful for the critical thinking that we have been taught to use since day one. During school, most Romanian students have to rely on their memorizing skills – despite the fact that sometimes the terms are vague, the information is unclear, and certain patterns are applied without putting too much thought into the process.

Secondly, we believe that our generation needs to inherit the right democratic values and perpetuate them. We see it on television, we hear it on the radio, we read it on the internet, and we hear it in our everyday lives: the communist reminiscences are everywhere, the political stratum lacks transparency and accountability, and few citizens actually understand how a system of checks and balances is supposed to work. Therefore, it isn’t just the interest of the institution where we study, but a projection of the Romanian reality: we need capable thinkers who can tackle the important issues in their field of work. It doesn’t matter if we talk in terms of decision makers, public servants, journalists, political advisors, researchers, or diplomats. We strongly believe that the Faculty of Political Science can shape young minds and, instead of creating a homogeneous mold, develop intellectually-independent and critical-thinking professionals.


Our undergraduate 3-year programmes are designed to keep up with standards of very prestigious and high-ranked institutions and include:

B.A. in Political Science – Completely taught in English

B.A. in International Relations and European Studies – Completely taught in English

B.A. in Political Science – Completely taught in French

B.A. in Political Science – Completely taught in Romanian

B.A. in Security Studies – Completely taught in Romanian


If you are a member of the community of the Faculty of Political Science, please share this message to the people from the high school you graduated.

If you are a high school student whose attention we just caught, then you may contact us at any time for further questions regarding the admission process and the studies (there is a “Contact” form at the top of the page). You can also join one of our courses and see if political science really is the right field for you. Check the timetable for more details. Also, here are the maps that will help you find our headquarters.


Want to make a change around you? You can start with a good education that will help you get there!

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