The Movie Night – Vol. 3: The King's Speech

The Political Science Club (formerly known as The SPE Nation Club) presents Tom Hooper’s 2010 motion picture, winner of 4 Academy Awards, The King’s Speech.


Starring Collin Firth, Geoffrey Rush, and Helena Bonham Carter, the film presents the story of King George VI, a monarch who struggles in order to overcome his stuttering problem, in a time when orators like Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini were great orators and leaders. While working with a very unorthodox speech therapist, the King discovers true friendship and his inner leadership skills.

The movie is followed by a debate, a trivia quiz, and other surprises.
The Movie Night is a project of The Political Science Club, an initiative of the FSPUB students from the English language study programmes.
The Political Science Club does not own any of the materials projected, as they belong to the respective owners. The movies are shown in accordance to the Romanian Law of copyright (no. 8 /14.03.1996), ch. VI, art. 33, para. i) :“The presentation and execution of a copyrighted material is permitted during activities of education institutions, only for specific purposes and on condition that the presentation or execution, as well as the access of the public, are free of charge”.

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