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Insights from an Outsider: Do Not Mistake the Resignation of the Romanian Prime Minister for a Victorious Outcome

Solved by the politicians via latish resignations, the Bucharest protests generated a power vacuum mostly in theory.  Now that the Romanian Prime Minister, Victor Ponta and the Mayor of the 4th district of Bucharest, Cristian Popescu Piedone are not exercising their public functions anymore, there...
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Don't Trust Anyone Over Forty – A Brief Report on How the Youth are Making a Change in the November 2015 Protests For Colectiv and Against Corruption and Abuses

“When Nixon resigned in August 1974, we were onstage at the Roosevelt Raceway in New York, in front of 60,000 people. We had a TV backstage. ‘Guess what, folks? He’s gone!’ we announced. We didn’t have to say who, everyone knew. Huge cheers erupted.” –...
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