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The Middle East Weekly Review: The crisis in the Palestinian Territories and Israel

The crisis between the Palestinians and Israelis continues as in the past days there have been deaths on both sides. Although Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has sought to restrain his more hard-line Cabinet ministers advocating a wide-scale military operation against Hamas, he also considers...
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The Middle East Weekly Review: Israel offers diplomatic relations to Persian Gulf states

Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman this week offered “full diplomatic relations with the Persian Gulf states” in the context of a regional peace deal involving the Palestinians. Although he didn’t give many details, Liberman stated: “Just think about Israel’s technological and scientific know-how joining forces...
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PP-DD and the Romanian Government – How Can a Radical Populist Party Fit into a Social Democratic Coalition?

A heated debate in today’s Romanian politics regards the prospects of PP-DD (Partidul Poporului Dan Diaconescu) to join the governing coalition of the Social-Democrat Union (consisting of the Social Democrat Party, the National Union for the Progress of Romania, the Conservative Party, and the Magyar...
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