Sala B/Ghiță Ionescu (8, Spiru Haret), January 7th, 12:00



This Wednesday, we happily resume our series of movie projections with “Future Shock” – an Orson Welles-narrated documentary that is based on Alvin Toffler’s book with the same name. Ever wondered what today’s society looked like in the imagination of futurologists? In 1970, Alvin Toffler has presented a critical view on the effects of rapid industrial growth and technological advances, and has envisioned the way in which the individual, the institution of family, and society as a whole are affected. Did the futurologist get it right?

Poster Future Shock

Join our movie screening on Wednesday, January 7th 2015, and participate in our debate on predicting the future of our society and specie!


The estimated length of the event is one hour.

The Political Science Club, an initiative of the FSPUB students from the English language study programmes. All students are welcomed at the Club’s public events.