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Diplomacy in the past century and nowadays

No one knows better about the relations between two countries than their diplomats. Instructed, educated women and men, they have represented their countries in times of peace and war, assuming some of the most difficult negotiations with some of the world’s most powerful leaders throughout...
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Banking Tradition and the Spirit of Cryptocurrency Adoption

When Max Weber wrote “The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism”, he basically started from a simple empirical inquiry: why did the industrial emerge in England fueled by Western ideas, instead of taking place in the historically more innovative China? His very influential assessment...
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The “American Problem” – A story of Donald Trump and the European Union

Throughout its long history, Europe has known a great many “problems” that were so tightly knit to the fabric of the space in which they occurred that they became known as national problems. The Turks had a problem, the Czechs and Slovaks, the Polish, the...
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